ATE LC30: Electromagnetic Polarity Inverter System Against Wall Moisture, Black | Quick and Easy Installation

Discover the ATE LC30, an advanced device with a power range covering a 30-meter diameter of action. This French-certified product offers exceptional performance at a competitive price. Easy to install, it connects to an earth socket without any masonry work. Thanks to low-frequency waves, it reverses polarity to effectively repel moisture, typically within 18 to 24 months. Renovation with the ATE LC30, a polarity inverter against humidity, is suitable for all buildings and houses with damp walls and floors.

Inverseur de polarité IPE

Simple and effective


Humidistop France è il progettista di dispositivi di asciugatura per combattere l'umidità nei muri | Produzione Made in France

Not harmful to health

How does our ATE LC30 electromagnetic polarity inverter work against wall moisture?

The water molecules have a positive pole and a negative pole, which naturally causes them to orient themselves with their negative pole upwards and to rise in the walls through capillarity. However, our product, the ATE LC30 electromagnetic polarity inverter, uses extremely low-frequency waves to repel the water molecules towards the ground and thus prevent moisture caused by capillary rise. This is an effective solution to combat wall moisture, but it is important to note that it does not treat infiltrations, flooding issues, and mold that may be present in your home. Therefore, it is important to address these issues separately and follow the appropriate recommendations. Additionally, our ATE LC30 device must be continuously connected, but its consumption is very low (about 0.75 W), and the annual cost is approximately €15.

Inverseur de polarité IPE
Moisture control device for walls ATE LC30
Inverseur de polarité géomagnétique

The result

By choosing our wall dehumidification solution, you can finally enjoy a comfortable and healthy home. Say goodbye to damp walls that lead to saltpetre, unpleasant odors, as well as expensive repairs and maintenance. Our certified product effectively treats the cause of rising damp, while also providing quick drying without any impact on health. You may also notice a reduction in heating costs, as your walls will now be less damp.