IPG GEOSTOP Wall Dehumidification Device, An Effective Solution Against Wall Moisture

Choose IPG GEOSTOP, the French solution to wall moisture. Easy and self-installation, no need for electricity or a battery. Say goodbye to moisture in your home thanks to IPG GEOSTOP, the French magnetic device that requires no construction work! This autonomous cylindrical device exclusively uses electromagnetic fields to reverse the polarity of water molecules, allowing for natural moisture evaporation within 18-24 months. Without a battery or electrical connection, IPG GEOSTOP is ideal for homes and buildings without a cavity.

Inverseur de polarité géomagnétique IPG GEOSTOP

Simple and effective


Humidistop France è il progettista di dispositivi di asciugatura per combattere l'umidità nei muri | Produzione Made in France

Not harmful to health

How does our geomagnetic system work against capillary rising?


The solution of the IPG GEOSTOP geomagnetic central unit system is ideal for combating capillary water rising without requiring extensive construction work. Shaped like a cylindrical device, the apparatus operates using the energy of electromagnetic fields and employs a phase-shifted counter-field to block any water rising. The walls dry naturally, without the need for a battery or electrical power source, utilizing the natural moisture evaporation process. To facilitate the drying process, it is recommended to remove any materials or coverings that could hinder evaporation. However, it is important to note that this system does not address infiltration, flooding, or mold issues in your home. You will need to address those separately and follow appropriate recommendations. IPG GEOSTOP is entirely autonomous and does not generate any electromagnetic waves as it is composed of passive circuits. It can be installed in homes without a cavity.

Device against moisture in walls IPG GEOSTOP
Inverseur de polarité géomagnétique

The result

A living solution in which damp walls are quickly dried to provide optimal comfort and improve air quality, promoting better health. With this solution, you can bid farewell to nuisances such as saltpeter, damp walls, odors, and high maintenance and repair costs. Key features include a rapid wall drying process with no impact on health and a solution that addresses the cause of capillary rising. Furthermore, reduced humidity in the dwelling will lead to lower heating costs.

Several thousand moisture control devices have been sold in France and Europe for over 10 years

IPG GEOSTOP offers 10 different models of our geomagnetic polarity inverter

È importante notare che questo tipo di processo non tratta le infiltrazioni, i problemi di allagamento e le muffe in una casa, e si consiglia di seguire le raccomandazioni specifiche per garantire un’asciugatura efficace delle pareti.

The device against geomagnetic moisture refers to a wall drying system that utilizes electromagnetic fields to stop capillary water rising and naturally dry the walls. This system, like the IPG GEOSTOP geomagnetic central unit, consists of a cylindrical device that captures electromagnetic fields and returns a phase-shifted counter-field to prevent water from rising in the walls. Wall drying then occurs through the natural evaporation of moisture.

It is important to note that this type of process does not address infiltrations, flooding issues, or mold problems in a home, and it is recommended to follow specific recommendations to ensure effective wall drying.


Device against moisture in walls IPG GEOSTOP