Moisture in the walls, a sign of humidity

Whether you are an individual keen on preserving the health of your home or a construction professional seeking effective solutions for wall moisture and capillary rise issues, our IPG GEOSTOP, IPE STOP ONE, and ATE LC30 products dedicated to wall drying are the answer to your needs. Moisture can not only compromise your well-being but also devalue your property and hinder the completion of future wall drying works.

Our devices, particularly the electromagnetic polarity inverters IPE STOP ONE, ATE LC30, and geomagnetic IPG GEOSTOP, are designed to suit all types of homes and budgets. Manufactured in France, they guarantee unmatched quality in the market. We are also proud to present our flagship product, the ATE LC30 humidity polarity inverter, which uses the same technology as the IPE STOP ONE. Easy to install, it offers a practical solution for tackling moisture issues in your home or your clients’ homes.

Furthermore, our wall drying devices have been recognized for their effectiveness since 2012, thereby adding value to your real estate assets. In our store, you will also find our ATE devices designed to combat limescale and tartar. Do not let moisture invade your living space or that of your clients. Opt for our innovative and effective solutions by choosing the IPG GEOSTOP, IPE STOP ONE, and ATE LC30 wall drying devices for lasting and reliable results.

Our devices to combat capillary rise

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An expert in humidity and unhealthy living conditions for over 12 years, my career has been marked by technical training in construction and a certification as a judicial expert. I have effectively solved moisture problems in thousands of homes, accumulating invaluable experience along the way. My commitment to quality and excellence has also been recognized through numerous appearances in print media, on television, and on the radio. It is with this strong experience and a well-established reputation that I offer you the opportunity to access high-quality, high-performance products at factory prices, directly available on our online store.

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